A rough week for Frank – but he’s learning!

There’s been quite a lot of weather over the U.K. in the last week. Nothing like what’s battering the U.S. at the moment but it’s not often (thankfully) we get 70-80mph winds in Milton Keynes.

Sadly for Frank however, the results of storm Ellen were pretty dramatic. Severe winds resulted in the arrival of the emergency lumberjacks to remove his tree after it became very likely it was going to topple onto a neighbour’s house.

He came back and hung around for a while forlornly..


Before they came back and removed the rest of the tree completely.


You never realise the size of something, until it’s not there anymore! The tree’s removal opened a fairly significant gap in our little horizon. I can now see the dogs that make all the noise. :/

Storm Ellen was followed quickly by Storm Francis… and poor Frank looked like he’d had just about enough of all of this.

Screenshot 2020-08-25 at 09.41.09

I also had to close the diner whilst the storms raged. the sheer volume of water falling out of the sky flooded the Pi Camera set up completely – and fried the Pi into the bargain. Doh. I did keep throwing seed out for Frank so he at least had something to peck at.

The camera set up has now had the Pi replaced and been further battle hardened and we thankfully haven’t had any further mishaps.

So we went into last weekend a little bedraggled and despondent it must be said. Then, the sun came back for a few hours and dried everything out which was shortly followed by a familiar sight landing on the shed roof.

Frank was back… and this time… He found the button!

As you can see, and was expected, the motor noise made him jump this time and fly off. He’s since been back and is still sniffing around tentatively so it’s not scared him off *completely*

I’m really pleased that the feeder has held up in all this weather and that the button actually did what it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to – I’ll take that as a giant leap forward for this endeavour. I’m genuinely hopeful that Frank will make the leap between button and food with a few more attempts!

Stay tuned for updates and progress.

Until next time.


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