Motor Woes – Part Deux

It never rains…..

I have not as yet managed to assemble a complete set of four matching motors in the six months I’ve been in preparation for this competition. Unreal.

And, with 10 days to go, I managed to strip two of the gear boxes on the motors I have. I took them apart and discovered that the gears in my ‘metal gear motors’ were in fact…  plastic. Seriously? – After how long it took me to find them?

Something’s definitely not right…

Ok… DefCon 1 level panic time. Some great suggestions on Twitter (thanks folks!) and some fleabay scouring actually brought these beauties to my attention thankfully pretty quickly…


Not cheap, but sooooo pleased I found these, 24hrs ago I was pretty much dead in the water.

These motors are 12v and I have been running at 9v. I’ve stepped it up to 10.5v which is the maximum voltage the Zeroborg controller I am using can handle. They are nice and torque-y and are rated at 500rpm, I reckon I am getting 430rpm (ish) at the voltage I am using.

Although I built the motor mounts to be removable it still required a complete strip down of the chassis to remove and replace all four motors (again).


I’ve 3D printed a fake AA battery and run a wire through it so I can use an 8 cell holder with only 7 cells in it to give me the required 10.5v

Works a treat!…


I’ve also removed and replaced the rollers for the ninetiteenth time. This time to add some thread lock. The wheels do put some fairly significant forces through the rollers and they’ve had a tendancy to spit bolts on the odd occasion so I took the opportunity to tighten everything up.


Anyhoo. Another 48hrs flies by, and I have rarely been so grateful to be back where I was two days ago. Onwards – I still have a ridiculous amount to do. At least now I have four matching motors!

I’ll hopefully get time for one more post where I’ll do a quick overview of my wild and frankly heath-robinsonian attachments for some of the challenges.

Until then….


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